We make 3 main suits which in turn have their variations and customisations. The suits are all displayed in the colours for the region where we test them, but you tell us what colours you want, send us pictures, or information on the environment you are working in so that we can get colour combinations. You can look at colours we have already done in our colour swatch library.

All suits include:
Care instructions
Spare covering strips
Instructions on how to get the most from your suit
Waterproof packing bag



We make our suits in a 3 piece construction compared to some other makers because we think you should be able to mix different coloured components and if one component gets damaged the rest is still useable. It is cheaper to order each component separately but you do not get:
Waterproof packing bag
Instructions on use and care

When ordering please give measurements for the size such as waist size and shoulder. Remember you will be wearing your suit over other clothing so remember to add on to your measurements for the required extra room.
Covering Terminology
This is sparse covering with often the underlying fabric showing. This just gives you basic depth addition and the loops for attaching your foliage. This is suitable when you do not need to get within 100 meters of your target. On the sports suit you do not get covering all the body just patches to help add to your concealment.
This is total covering of the suits loops so that almost no underlying garments can be seen within 1 meter. This is suitable up to 10 meters near the target. If you are not going to be observed by optical devices then it should be 40.
This is a total covering of all parts of the suit so that the underlying garments can not be seen point blank and it is hard for the Hessian to ruck up. This is suitable to be within about 0.5-2 metres of your target. If they have optical aids then it should be 10 metres. You may be stood upon before being discovered by other means.

NOTE - The visible distance heavily depends on the use of the suit and the skill of the user along with added environmental foliage and equipment. It can easily be less than the stated figures if used correctly and if the target is unaware that they are being stalked, if used incorrectly it can be more than stated. Distances given are as a guide line only.
Colour Schemes
Our suits come in any colour you need and because of this we can not really give you set colour schemes as we make them up individually for you. If you want to see what some of the colours look like the colour swatches page will show you some general colours available.

> colour swatch library
Water Proofing
All Halo Ghillie suits come water proofed using Fabsil™ Silicon water proofing agent. This will help ensure you can get even more from your suit as it wont increase in weight in wet or damp conditions by soaking up water. Not only does it stop the suit from increasing in weight but it also helps protect the suit.

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> water proofing in action

The Suits
sports suit
stalking suit
military suit