Reinforced front crawl panels made of canvas also elbow pads and knee pads. Chest,elbows and knees are where most wear and tear comes from crawling. This is why the suit is reinforced with strong canvas fabric to protect you and your suit.
Hessian covering only on back of trousers, coat with hat completely covered with long front veil. There is also none on the arms. This is because most of the time will be spent crawling and covering on the front will not be seen and just slow progress as well as snagging. The long veil helps cover scope and trigger action.
No netting used in construction unlike many ghillie suits. The loops for the hessian/burlap is sewed in to the BDU for strength (you can lean on them) so they don’t break if caught and also they lie close to the body so there is less chance of them catching.
Internal pockets for storage of equipment on inside of suit. No buttons to stick into you when crawling as it is Velcro secured.
3 piece construction of Hat, Coat, Trousers to enable pieces to be mixed and matched with other clothing or parts of suits.
Water repellent to prevent rotting of natural fibres and to stop weight increase in wet or damp environments.
Also available gun drag bags/socks or detachable veils.

Pictures of the military suit are not available at the moment. Please bear with us as they will be added at a later date.

• Light Suit
Full Suit - £305
.: Separate Items :.
Hat - £25
Top - £160
Trousers - £105
• Medium Suit
Full Suit - £495
.: Separate Items :.
Hat - £50
Top - £250
Trousers - £180
• Heavy Suit
Full Suit - £665
.: Separate Items :.
Hat - £50
Top - £350
Trousers - £250
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