Total covering - front and back arms covered as well.
Light weight meaning its easier to move quickly in, also less hot and constricting. Essential for sports where jogging or running may take place instead of crawling.
No netting used in construction unlike many ghillie suits. The loops for the hessian/burlap is sewed in to the BDU for strength (you can lean on them) so they don’t break if caught and also they lie close to the body so there is less chance of them catching.
No stiff cloth areas from reinforced canvas - not needed for non crawling positions making it more comfrotable and easier to move in.
Water repellent to prevent rotting of natural fibres and to stop weight increase.
3 piece construction of Hat, Coat and Trousers.
Also available gun drag bags/socks.

Suit Pictures
> hat
> top front
> top back - currently unavailable
> trousers front
> trousers back
Full Suit - £170
.: Separate Items :.
Hat - £25
Top - £70
Trousers - £60
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